Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Costume!!! HAHA!

Sooo today, before church we took a buncha kids trunk or treating at a harvest festival down the street from our church. Well it was soooo FUNNY! Everyone kept telling me that they had liked the way I dressed and did my hair and stuff. Sooo then I hear these two ladies whispering about how it was sooo NEAT how some of these people had really gone ALL OUT with their costumes and they are whispering and then I see them look at me and the one lady is like, I mean LOOK AT HER!!! She is dressed so nice and her hair and the way she did it and the WOW! I WAS LIKE OMW!!! All these people think that this is MY COSTUME! BAHAHAHA! I'm like thinkin, OKAAAY... I'm just on my way to church...This is NOT a costume!!!
I'm a one God, Apostolic, tongue talkin, PENTECOSTAL, through and through!!!
Jesus Saved MY SOUL!!!
It's NOT pretend! It's NOT fake!!!