Friday, May 11, 2012

Showin some LOOOOVE!!!

At West Coast Conference this past year there was a really strong emphasis on reaching the lost. Seeing a soul through the eyes of Jesus. Well, while I was at the conference, I really felt impressed on my heart to show the mom of two of the children that I bring to church some love.
Now this lady is cRaZy!!! She is CONSTANTLEY SCREAMING at her kids, she is hyper, loud, annoying, obnoxious, ADHD, says about two thousand words in a minute, has a history of drug abuse, AND the only reason WHY I actually think she may NOT be on drugs is cuz social workers and CPS makes frequent visits to her home and she still has her and soooooo above all else, she ACTUALLY refers to herself as,
Sooooo I mean when you see kids having to live in these kind of situations, its NATURAL to just feel love and compassion for them. OH THE POOR THINGS!!! Havin her for a MOM...your just like, OH their ONLY HOPE in life is JESUS!!! And your heart just goes out to the kids!!! BUUUUUT THE MOM?????? Buuuuut I felt God impressed on my heart, show that cRaZy WHITE LADY some LOOOOOOVE!!! .
Weeeeelllll the NEXT time I go over there and I see THE cRaZy WHITE LADY, I go over to her and give her a hug and as I am giving her a hug I tell her, I want you to know that I love you AND I'm praying for you! So as I am STILL hugging her she says, OH thank YOU soooo much for your prayers, I have been REALLLLLY needing them...we've really been going through it over here...LET ME TELL YOU...we JUST got rid of all the.....BED BUGS!!!!!!!
(What was going on in my mind at that MOMENT!!!)
AND I AM TELLING YOU she says as she releases me from the hug, that has been SOME ORDEAL!!!! I have done over thirty loads of laundry...blah, blah, blah...They are sooooo hard to get rid of!!! Sooooo I REALLLY appreciate your prayers!!! Heeeeey... WHY DON'T you come in and visit with me for a few minutes!!!????!!?!?!! And I think...Oh sure, WHY NOT?????
And as I am sitting there in the apartment, visiting with THE CRAZY WHITE LADY i just think, YOU WOULD DO THAT TO ME GOD!!! YOU JUST WOULD!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Whoever said that living for God is boring, has OBVIOUSLEY, never really , truley...LIVED...
♥Mary Frances :)