Monday, September 10, 2012

Classic Mary (Singing) Moment #129735678

Sooooooo yesturday, it STARTED out as an ordinary Sunday morning... 
I got up EARLY, headed to Starbucks, then picked up kids, THEN headed to church for prayer!!! Weeeeelll ACTUALLY, Saturday night at prayer, I thought to myself, HEEEEY didn't you volunteer to sing for Family Worship one of the weeks this month??? Sooooo I went and checked the board in the foyer of church an whatda ya know...SHO NUFF...I was scheduled to sing...
THE NEXT MORNING!!! Aaaaahhhh!!!
Soooooo Sunday morning came annnnnnnd I was kind of hoping that everyone would just forget  about me singing...buuuuuuuut NOOOOOO!!! For some ODD reason...EVERYONE remembered...LOLOLOL!!!
Soooooo when its my time to sing Bro. Jimmy, our Sunday School director and the morning song leader, tells the congergation, ANNNNNND we have a NEW SOLOIST that is going to sing for us this week, then he says to Seth, our drum player, can I get a drum roll PLEASE...(Then a DRUMROLL) and its...MARY!!! 
Everyones like whatever excited...sooooo i get up there tell Sis. Susan, our church pianist, what I'm singing, If you can use anything Lord, you can use me! i have NO idea what key its in and I'll sing it through 4x....annnnnnnnnnd Soooooooooo I testify and THEN START SINGING!!! 
♪♫If you can use anything Lord, you can use me♪ If you can use anything Lord you can use MEEEEEE!♪♪ Take my hands Lord, taaaaaaaaake my feet, touch my heart♥ Lord, speak through meeeeee♫ If you can use ANYTHING Lord, YOU CAN USE MEEEEEEEE!!!! ♪♪♪♫
Sooooooooooo I get through the WHOLE entire song annnnnnd THEN, then I'm DONE!!! I do NOT even mess up at all!!! I'm done!!! I'm like soooooo relieved! Like YAY! I did it! I made it!!! GO MAR BEAR!!! I put up my mike and am walking off the platform to go to my seat 
THEN it happened...One second i'm taking step off the platform ANNNNNND THEN...
The next thing I know, I'M ON THE FLOOR!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!  For a moment, EVERYONE in the church was SILENT...then I just BUSTED UP LAUGHING!!! Then my WHOLE CHURCH was like LAUGHING SOOOOOO HARD!!! My pastor's wife told me that she was trying NOT to laugh and then she just looks at me and i'm like HYSTERICAL, she just had to laugh too!!! AH!!! Then like EVERYONE at church was like, YOU HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THIS!!! ITS SUCH A CLASSIC MARY MOMENT!!!
BUUUUUUT OK!!! LIKE, I have absolutely NO IDEA what happened!!! I was totally and completely taken by SURPRISE!!! Shocked ACTUALLY!!! I was worried about messing up when I sang, BUUUUUUT the thought of tripping/falling off the platform NEVER even entered into my mind!!! I mean seriousley...MAYBE IF I HAD BEEN WEARING HEELS...buuuuuut WHO TRIPS IN...
Weeeeeeeellllllll aparently...
I'm the kinda girl the trips in FLATS...
YUP...I think this IS the moment when they shoulda done the DRUM ROLL!!! 
AHAHAHAHAHA!!! So afterwards, my brother John said it happened SOOOO FAST he couldn't even figure out what happened!!!  He said one minute he saw me walking off the platform and the next second I was just GONE!!! like I had vanished out of thin air!!! LOLOLOL 
Then he says, WELL, I guess God was just doing what YOU told Him to do!!! I was like, HUH?!?! He says, YOU did say, 
(He coulda waited till I got  back to my seat!!!:)
♥Mary Frances :)