Thursday, July 25, 2013

When I get married...

You know the scripture in the Bible from 1 Samuel, when Hannah is thanking God for her child; "For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him:" (1 Samuel 1:27) Annnnnnnd A lot of times you will see signs that parent's will hang in their child's room with this scripture on it...
My sister has one hanging up in MJ's room! And it makes sense to have, to remind yourself of the face that you have recieved this gift from God. I mean, in desperation for the desire of her heart, Hannah had wept, pleaded and sought God for this child and he was the answer to her long awaited prayers.
Weeeeeeelllll...I decided that, WHEN I FINALLY GET MARRIED, I'm going to have a picture of my husband, my groom, on our wedding day, enlarged to like a poster size photo and I'm going to have enscribed on it,
Because, we each have our own "Hannah Request" to God and at the present moment, mine is NOT for a child...haha!!! Annnnnnnnd I'm going to look at that picture of my husband and remember that God heard my petition, my prayers, and gave to me what I asked for! Annnnnd when my husband is irritating me, or I don't feel like submitting or ANYTHING like that, I'm going to remind myself that I PRAYED FOR THIS and i'm going to tell myself to shut up and stop complaining and THANK GOD FOR MY BLESSING!!! Yup, thats what I'm going to do...
You can too if you want! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)