Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Where are you guys???

Sooooooooo Sunday night I talked our group into going to Cheesecake Factory!!! Annnnnnd I was sooooo pleased that I was THE FIRST ONE THERE!!! I gave the guy the number of our group and he seated me and I told him that the rest would be coming!!! So he asked me if I wanted a drink while I waited for them and I said just water please! He brings me that and I'm still waiting, so he brings me the bread basket, and says, "While you wait for them!"
I'm like, Ooooooh THE BROWN BREAD...all to myself!!! Cuz that's the kind that EVERYONE LIKES!!! So I break off the brown bread, butter it, eat it, STILL NO ONE from our group! So I break off another peace of brown bread, butter it, eat it! And another and another, til all the brown bread is gone...I just leave the white bread just chillin there...I'm NOT even hungry anymore...we're going on quite a while of time waiting for them and we ALL LEFT AT THE SAME TIME!!!
FINALLY I text them, liiiiiiiike, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS???? No response!!! Finally after a few minutes I hear someone call my name! Its MJ!!! She's like, LAUGHING soooo hard!!! We're over here SILLY!!! Our whole group was AROUND THE CORNER, waiting FOR ME!!! Annnnnnnnnd I'm just sitting there are all like,
Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Buuuuuuuuuut HEEEEEEEEYYY at least the bread was GOOOOOOOOD!!!!

I didn't even have to SHARE IT!!!
♥Mary Frances :)