Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mary's House!!!

So there are some younger kids in my group that we pick up on Wednesdays that are FINALLY potty trained and old enough to come for Wednesday night Bible School now, So they've been coming for the last several weeks.
Weeeeeeeellll tonight, when we got to church, the little ones were all like, YAAAAAY! We're here, we're at...
The older kids were all like, this is NOT Mary's house!!! The little ones were like, YES IT IS!!! I was like, UH WAIT A SECOND, You guys think this is MY HOUSE??? They were all like, YES!!! I'm like, THIS IS NOT MY HOUSE...but I wouldn't mind it being my house...WELLLL on second thought it would be A LOT to clean!!!!
They were like,  BUUUUUT it's Mary's church....cuz that's what kids always say, I'm going to Mary's church are you going to Mary's church??? So i'm like, its MY CHURCH in the sense that this is the church I GO TOO... buuuuut its NOT MY CHURCH... I am NOT the Pastor!!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
A few weeks ago they thought the church van was MY VAN!!! They were asking WHY I never drive my van??? I was like, I don't have one!!!! They were like, isn't this a van we're riding in??? I was like, well YEAH, buuuuut it is most DEFINATLEY NOT MINE!!! Annnnnnd the reason WHY i'm not driving it is because for SOME ODD REASON...
♥Mary Frances :)