Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Heaven bound!!!!

As most of you all know, I told you that my mom was not doing well and in December she was diagnosed with kidney failure and she then began getting dialysis treatments. Weeeeeeeelllll, I had dreamed of my mommy getting better buuuuuuuut God had different plans and last week, even with dialysis treatments, she really took a turn for the worst in the physical sense, BETTER in the spiritual sense!!!
This past Saturday while at the hospital, she told my sister that she wanted to go  home. My sister said, you want us to bring you back home to the  house? She said, No, I want to go home with Jesus!!!
Then she had all of the family in the hospital room with her and told us she was leaving, to remember to be kind to each other and to always walk in His ways, then we all prayed together! Sunday she came home with hospice to spend the rest of her time there till she leaves this old earth behind.
This was late Saturday morning, Pastor and Sis. Abbott and then they called Bishop Abbott, because he travels around preaching now and they all prayed together!
I wish I could just  hold her hand foreverrrr!!!
Holding hands with her the other day...
She read her Bible til the very end!!!! 

 today I put all her stuff animals with her, she always loved stuffed animals like me!!! And I put her tambourine with her, cuz IF she could, she'd be shouting and worshipping about heaven, she was always banging that thing as loud as she could!!! you know what, remember a few years ago she was telling me at WCC that these girls NEEDED to be wearing their skirts LONGER!!! She was like they need to be MORE than JUST covering their knees!!! I was like, Okaaaaaaaay mom, what do you want me to do, I WEAR MY SKIRTS LONG!!! Weeeeeeellll then that very night the preacher was preaching and he was like, GIRLS, your skirts need to be WELL PAST YOUR KNEES!!! Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd let me tell you, I was sitting on completely different side of the conference from my mom, BUUUUUUUUUT at that very moment I knew where she was cuz I could hear her tambourine going off like crazy!!! Oh man, MY IS SOOOO AWESOME!!!
 Her kidney doctor said that he can't give us an exact amount of time that she'll live without dialysis but he estimates at the longest two weeks. For the last two days she's been basically sleeping... and while a part of me is devastated and broken hearted there is another part of me that is sooooo JOYFUL!!! Because You know what this means??? It means she's
♥Mary Frances :)