Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dream about MOM!!!

I had THE FUNNIEST dream about my mom the other day!!! In the dream she was alive, well this happens A LOT in my dreams, BUUUUUT she was alive and I was like, MOM, I thought you died! And she was like, no! I'm like, we even had you creamated! She's like, Uh huh! That's what they want you to think so they can get your money!!!! Ask them what the ashes REALLY are!!! She's all, you know what YOU SHOULD DO, is take those "ASHES" you paid for and tell them you want a REFUND!!!
Seriousley, that is sooooooo a MOMMISH dream!!! She was ALWAYS having me return stuff to the store for, even toilet paper once, she was like, Mary, I was looking at the receipt that is THE MOST EXPENSIVE toilet paper, return it!!!  AHAHAHA!!! I'm sure IF it were possible, my mom WOULD have me get a refund on her creamation!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That was a funny dream!!! I LOOOOOOVE MY MOM!!!
♥Mary Frances :)