Friday, November 18, 2016

Holy Ghost Part 2016!!!

As usual, our church had our annual Harvest Festival, THE HOLY GHOST PARTY!!! Annnnnnnd I figured I better go ahead and blog about it today since this weekend we're having our youth rally and Thanksgiving Feast on Sunday and I STILL gotta blog about NEW YORK!!!
Sooooooooo MJ decided to go as Miram and this here below is her precious baby Moses in the river basket, I particularly enjoy the lil sign hanging on his basket...VERY BIBLICAL!!! LOL
Captain America Himself...his dad thought this was HILARIOUS that his son was Captain America when he is half Liberian and half Belizian!!! LOL
I was gonna dress up, Odin was going as Lazaruz so I thought I could dress up and be MARY, Lazarus' AUNT Mary, buuuuuut turns out I rand out of time and just went as AUNT MARY!!! LOL

I think everyone's favorite game was Bro. Jimmy's toilet plunger race!!! LOL

The other HUGE FAVORITE this year was Pastor's Hay Ride...screaming throught the streets...we had a GRAND O TIME!!!
Our traditional longest ever going game of THE BALLOON STOMP...every game changes...EXCEPT THIS ONE!!! LPC can NOT have a Holy Ghost party without THE BALLOON STOMP!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnd HERE we are ready for...
Time to trample one another for CANDY!!!!
Stultz and Bro. Seth on the roof throwing the candy!!!!

Trying, to take a picture with the kids in the van, they were like ummmmm MARY, we're NOT gonna show up...OH YEAH...I should know this by now!!!
Got it with the lights on now!!! LOL
Crazy, crazy kids!!!
Buuuuuuuuuut I LOVE THEM!!!

Poor girl, trying to block away the boy that likes her...
It was pretty epic he was determined to say bye through the window...
Gotta love Grace, she's always giving the guys a reality check..."Just to let you know, she thinks your ugly and you don't stand a chance and I coulda told you that to begin with!!!"
I'm like, Just keepin it real girl!!! She's like, THATS RIGHT!!!
The really cool thing about this year was that I got to bring a HUGE group of Muslim kids, THESE PARTIES are THE ONLY TIME they are allowed to come to church...buuuuuuut YOU JUST NEVERRRRR KNOW...weeeeellll it was a crazy night, BUUUUUUUUUUT if ONE SOUL IS SAVED IT'S WORTH IT ALL!!!
♥Mary Frances :)