Sunday, November 20, 2016

November Weekend Smorgasbord!!! Youth Rally-Hike-Birthday-Thanksgiving-Feast-2016!!!

Starting off with this past Friday, we had an AWESOME Youth Rally!!! Bro. Garrett preached a very much needed message to us all about living for God and if we want to make it to heaven and if we want to live for God it's NOT going to happen UNLESS we do something about it, we're not just going to make it coasting along!!!
 After wards all the young people had a great time socializing, eating and playing games. We had out fire pits, a coffee bar, an air hockey table, a ping-pong table and of course basketball!
Annnnnnnnnd we had something VERY COOL at our thing and that is a HOT COOKIE was GREAT!!! A big hit!!!
Deedee's First Hike
I took Deedee up to Fountain Hills early Saturday morning and we hiked! She absolutely LOVED it! She's so athletic, I'm all hauling myself up the hill and she's like, YOUR TIRED??? LOL I was just a little disappointed tho that the fountain wasn't going, its soooooooo BEAUTIFUL and I wanted her to see that, buuuuuut oh well NEXT TIME!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnd after the hike Deedee and I headed over to Scottsdale Ranch Park for the birthday party of some of my favorite kids, Arie, Sammy, MaKenna and Isacc!!!! Their parents decided since all their first 4 kids birthday are real close together in the fall that they would have one big party for all of them! It was great and funnnnn!!!
It was Arie's actual birthday tho!!! Love this girl, she's such a sweetie and fun, pretty much has my love life all planned out...I'm glad someone's working on it, bahahahahaha!!!
 Us ladies even joined the potato sack race!!! I was the first one to volunteer to join...LOL!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnd off we go!!! Hopping like bunnies!!!
 Sis. Abbott WON! She's basically an athlete runner now...;))))
Annnnnnnnnnd there I am, coming in LAST and cheering for myself!!! LOL!!!
 MJ, I looking cute!!!
And games and FUNNNNNNNN!!!
 It was a great time, so glad I got to join!!!
Had a great time today with my church family!!!
Its an LPC tradition to have a Thanksgiving Feast every year, memories of this from when I was a kid, was one of my FAVORITE times...LOVE IT!!!
Candy Rain after wards...parents were like, MORE CANDY??? Lol weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllll some of them...some of them were OUT THERE GETTING IT!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnnd that was my awesome Smorgasbord weekend!!! I'm so grateful for such a funnnnn and busy weekend!!! Looking forward to MORE funnnnnn this week!!! Thanksgiving, birthdays, pizza making with my bro, black Friday shopping, a play...Wooooooohooooo!!!
♥Mary Frances :)