Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Take that devil!!!

We have been having AWESOME church over here at Landmark!!! The kids have just been seeking God and we've had quite a few get the Holy Ghost in the last little bit and they are still just praying and praying, such tender hearts and sensitive spirts to the presence of God.
BUUUUUUUUUUUT... this past Sunday night was one of the most amazing services ever! We had great church in the morning and then at night Pastor preached a powerful message about the potter not being finished with the clay. We had a great altar call and everyone had prayed and prayed and the service was coming to an end but there was my little nephew O. Unbeknownst to everyone else, he was on his knees, head buried and I could see his tear stains in the rug, he was just sobbing and travailing in prayer, saying, "I love you Jesus! I love you Jesus!"
Pastor said I think we should linger just a little longer in prayer and then he went over to Odin and told him to lift up his head and raise his hands. He lifted his tear-stained cheeks, raised his little arms and in less then five minutes he was speaking in other tongues!!!
 Then pastor said, TAKE THAT DEVIL!!!
And the whole church just went wild rejoicing!!!
When I think about everything Odin has been through and all the battles and people that the devil has used to try and stop this moment from happening, I can't tell you the overwhelming feeling of JOY I felt!!! There is POWER IN PRAYER and  God is the VICTOR!!!!
Take that DEVIL!!!
Ellie Karlson, who already got the Holy Ghost a month or so ago, before she even turned 4, stayed with him the whole time he prayed wiping away every single one of his tears with a tissue!!!
And his beloved Bishop!!!
Something that Denae Abbott, one of O's teachers at the school wrote about him...
Isn't that sooooo sweet!!!!
God is doing great things!!! I'm so grateful for my church!!! I am blessed to go to Landmark Pentecostal Church of Scottsdale AZ!!! The Holy Ghost is moving!!!
♥Mary Frances :)