Thursday, August 25, 2022

The Walker Family!!! (repost from December 2020)

(I wanted post and repost as many memories with Bishop!)

Sooooooooo about a month or so ago, my pastor was telling the church about a message is dad used to teach to the church about a family called The Walker Family!!! (Representing all the people that continually get up and walk around, going in and out of the sanctuary during the service!) He said his dad would talk about this family whenever people started getting up so much during the service for every little thing that it was becoming a distraction during the preaching...he then proceeded, like his father, to tell us basically that he noticed lately that The Walker family was back at church and to basically keep the movement and getting around to the minimum! (Of course if your child is screaming bloody murder or throwing up, please take them out! LOL) 
As a 3-4 year old child, I VERY MUCH remember Bishop Abbott preaching about this family! That night, a group of us went out to eat for Stultz's birthday, and Bishop Abbott and Bishop Sister Abbott, (That's what we call Elder sister Abbott...I think it sounds better than Elder Sister Abbott, cuz elder sounds old! Or as Odin calls her, The OTHER ABBOTT! LOL)
Soooooo we're all sitting there eating, and Bishop and Bishop Sister Bishop Abbott and I was like, SOOOOOOOO about THE WALKER FAMILY, I don't know if anyone else was listening, buuuuuuuuuuut I KNOW MY MOM was!!! I KNOW BECAUSE I peed my pants after TWO OF THE TIMES The Walker Family was preached about because my mom wouldn't let me go to the bathroom during the service when I said I HAAAAAAAAAAAD TO GO!!!
The Abbotts started laughing so hard...I was like, and remember how the church off of Highland in Scottsdale, you had to walk across the front of the church to get to the bathroom! They're like, YES!!! And we all started laughing again!!! You just have to know my mom...thinking, you can wait Mary, just hold it....she was sooooo determined to do the right thing...
THEN there's me...

even as a child...
I was the exception to the rules!!!
*For Example: Liiiiiike, don't get up during the service, UNLESS you really are going to pee your pants!!! OR, Always stop at the stop sign, UNLESS it means that the car behind you is going to crash into you!!!! (If you hear screeching brakes and your thinking, NO way she's actually going to hit me, MOST LIKELY, SHE IS!!! Jus sayin! ;) annnnnnd yeeeeeesss there IS story of someone you may know…oooops 
♥Mary Frances :)