Monday, June 11, 2012

BLonde driving moment!

Okaaaaaaaaay sooooo I knew that our trip to A Mountain Apart Youth Camp was going to be INTERESTING, before we had EVEN ARRRRRIVED at the church where the youth were all meeting...
Sooooooo we're on our way to the church, Me, my sis, MJ and my mom is driving us. We are ALMOST there, like seriousley less than half of a more mile on Shea before we turn. WEEEEEEEEELLLLL... ALL OF THE SUDDEN...this MINI VAN comes flying past us like TOTALLLLLY SPEEDING and honking the horn at us.
I was like like totally spooked me and made me jump in my seat. We're like WHO in the world is THIS cRaZy driver...weeeeeellll it turns out it was Jac and it was seeming like she wanted to race us to the church.
My mom was like OH THAT IS RIDICULOUS the way she is driving and she is going on about and I was just sittin there thinkin like, OKAAAAAAAY I don't think it would hurt us to ACTUALLY be doing the SPEED LIMIT!!! (Haha) Soooo we just keep going our slow and steady pace and we're about to turn the corner of Shea to our church WHEN...
Jac's van starts slowing down and she is all flashing her lights at us and my mom is like, OH I think something must be wrong with her van. My sis is like, NOPE she's just being dumb again keep driving! AHAHA! Soooo my mom is like NO I really think something is wrong...I'm like Naw mom she is probabley just hyper or something so my mom is like NO MARY CALL HER!!! I'm just FOR REALZ?!?! Mom who cares she just blew past you...she is like MARY CALL HER!!! Sooooooooo I CALL HER Annnnnnd...
She answers her phone and i'm like MY MOM wants to know if everything is ok?! So Jac is like, okaaaaaaaaaay your gonna laugh at me buuuuuut I just ran out of gas! I was like whaaaaaaaaat LAUGH?!?! I was HYSTERICAL!!! She had totally blown past us ONLY to run out of gas before getting to the final destination. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
My mom and sis was like whats going on? I'm like, SHE RAN OUT OF GAS!!!! My sister was like HYSTERICAL and my mom was just sittin there shaking her head! Soooo since our van was full of people ANNNND mom dropped us off at the church then turned around and got Jac!!!! AND THAT my friends is the begginning of our trip to A Mountain Apart Youth Camp! 
Soooooooooo the moral of THIS STORY IS: 
IF your going to race somebody on the freeway, NOT that I everrrr would OR that I would reccomend it, buuuuuuuuuuut IF your gonna be cRaZy and race someone, FIRST OF ALL, make sure it is NOT their mom driving the car and second and MOST important of all...
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Omw! I'm still laughing!!! Luv ya Jac! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)