Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So last Saturday we were having a ladies tea at our church and Elder Sis. Cleveland was speaking about faithfulness to God and then while she was speaking she asked her daughter, Sis. Bishop Abbott to just say a few words about submission...because I mean come on Sis. Abbott is pretty much like an expert on this subject. I mean, if she was in college to be a professor she could soooo get her master's degree on this topic!!! LOL
Soooo Sis. Abbott is talkin about it and she is like I mean, ALL of us woman of at one time or another struggled with submission to our husband. THEN she even challenged us ladies, can ANY of you ladies sitting here today honestly say that there has NEVER been a time that they didn't submit to their husband...and EVERY WOMAN SITTIN there was SILENT...they were ALL guilty...ANNNND as I was sititng there thinkin about it I was like okaaaaaaaay ACTUALLY, YOU KNOW WHAT???
ME!!! I am THE WOMAN that has NEVER NOT SUBMITTED to my husband!!! and my hand just went shooting up!!! Everyone just busts up laughing and i'm like, Heeeey, now...I can HONESTLY say that there has NEVERRRRR been a time that I havn't submitted to my husband!!! My sis was like, okaaaaaaaaaaay you also haven't even met him yet...i'm like heeeey...we don't need to be gettin all negative... that wasn't the question!!! HAHA!!! Soooo everyone was laughing and Sis. Bishop Abbott was, "well i'm believing in FAITH that Mary is going to be a VERY OBEDIENT WIFE!!!" (I was like, OMW!!! Say whaaaaaaaat?!?!? FO REALZ?? I felt soooo HONORED that Sis. Bishop Abbott, THE instructor, the professor, the expert on submission,  is pretty much sayin that i'm gonna get an A on the topic...I was for two-seconds-before-i-started-jokin again... sooooo TOUCHED that she would think that about me...AWWW!!!)
My hubby... He'll be like, "make me a sandwhich woman!" and I'll be like YES LORD! (You know cuz Sarah was so submissive she called Abraham Lord?!) Cuz i was just about to wash some more dishes BUUUUT...let me get  you that sandwhich first! Do you want mayo and mustard with that? The bread toasted? Cheese? Lettuce? Tomatoes? Onions?  Should I slice the sandwhich? vertically? Diagnonally? Two halfs or four?  A glass of ice tea? Sugar? Splenda? A pickle? Chips? A back massage while you eat it? BahAHAHAHAahaha!!!
Soooo yeah single ladies...
this is something we can ADD to our resumes...we have NEVER NOT SUBMITTED TO OUR HUSBANDS...awww it feels sooooo GOOD to be able to say that...
Don't be JEALOUS....
♥Mary Frances :)