Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy birthday Hanna!!!

Happppppppy 23rd birthday to my dear friend Hanna Banana!!!
Ain't she Beautiful??? Stunningly!!! When she reads that she'll probabley roll her eyes or something and be like, Really Mary? or something like that!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Buuuuuuut really, YOU ARE HANNA!!! And more than anything, your beautiful on the inside!!! A true Apostolic Beauty, with a passion for the things of God!!!
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut whatever you do, DON'T get on her bad side!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
Jk! Jk! She's a nurse, soooooo IF you do get on her bad side, she'll give you a band aid afterwards!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
AnywayZ, I don't think its a coincidence that TODAY, of ALL DAYS, also just happens to be, NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CHIP DAY!!!
Liiiiiiiiike REALLY??? How AWESOME is that??? You can't tell me that's NOT a God thing!!!

 Recently, one of my friends asked me HOW Hanna and I became friends? I was liiiiiiike WEEEEEEELLLL... to make the long story SHORT, I basically pursued a friendship with Hanna because I knew she was African!!! Yup, NO joke people!!! That's the honest to goodness truth!!! And she knows it to, if it wasn't for the fact that she was African, I don't know if we ever woulda become friends!!! See people, that's WHY you should always LOVE who you are, cuz you just NEVERRRR know if there is someone that has been waiting their WHOLE life to be friends with someone, JUST LIKE YOU!!! :)))))
Anywayz, aside from her being African, we instantly just clicked on spiritual matters...annnnnnnnd OF COURSE talking about guys!!! Hanna DO YOU REMEMBER our original theme song from WAAAAAAAY back in the day??? "He came looking for me!" Today, when we were all driving to the farm, that song came on and I was like, OH Stultz you gotta higher this song!!!! This is mine an Hanna's theme song!!! So Stultz starts listening to the words then just starts shaking his head and laughing!!! He's like, and for some reason I don't think you guys are singing about Jesus when you sing this!!! I'm like, Okaaaaaaaaay IF that's what you want to ASSUME, you can, buuuuuut that's NOT what I said!!! Hee, hee!!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllll...I could go on and on and on as you know my mouth and hands have an almost endless ability to keep saying stuff...ahahaha...buuuuuuut...I'll just say that you've been a very GOOOOOOD friend to me and I thank God for bringing us all together as friends!!! Thanks for excepting me for who I am, in all my crazy-weirdness, my chocolate obsession, my purrrrring, my Maryness, and well as you say, all the things that make me MAR BEAR!!!
Thanks for being one of my chocolate chips!!!
 Hee, hee!!! Purrrrrrrr!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.P.S. Don't forget that at SOME POINT during this summer, we gotta do my DREAM hairdo for you!!! High pony tail on top of your head, unstraightened, with wild curls cascading down, EVERYWHERE!!! OMW!!! Its gonna be sooooooooo CUUUUUUTE!!! Maybe a headband too!!! If anything, you can do your hair like this on MY BIRTHDAY!!!