Thursday, June 11, 2015

Where are my keys?!

Today I get to my mom's, I park and then BEFORE I get out I'm fiddling with my phone, catching up text messages, etc...then I get all my stuff, get out of the car and go to lock the door but I can't find my kids! I look in my purse, NOT there!!!! Look in my pockets, NOT there!!! My brother sees me and is like, what are you looking for? I'm like, OH MY KEYS!!! I can't find them!!! My brother is like, REALLY??? You just pulled up and you ALREADY can't find them???
I'm like, I know, I know, they have to be like RIGHT here somewhere!!! I look on the passenger seat, NOT THERE!!! I look on the little deck between the seats, NOT THERE!!! I look on the front windshield deck thingy, NOT THERE!!! I'm like, DUUUUUUDE, WHERE ARE THEY???
I had forgotten to even take them out!!!
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Sooooo next time your with me and I can't find my keys people, REMIND ME TO CHECK MY IGNITION!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)