Thursday, September 17, 2015

Proud Auntie Moment!!!

Sooooooooooo I had the proudest Auntie moment the other day with MJ!!! I'm dropping her off at school, Glendale Christian Academy, and as she is getting out of the car she sees one of the boys she likes walking in too! She says, to me, Oooooh he's looking GOOD today! (Mind you he's wearing the school uniform  just like EVERY OTHER BOY at the school!!! LOL) The she says, OH and he's carrying his Bible with him TOO...
That's the kind
of boy I LIKE!!!
Ahahahahahahaha!!! Isn't that like the cutest thing everrrrr?!?!? I'm like, me too MJ, ME TOO!!! Like  you know what, if your going to like one of the Ginty girls, you better be BUSTIN out THE WORD!!! AHAHAHA!!! Fo realz tho!!! :)))  I'm like, yeah!!! That's MY NIECEY RIGHT THERE!!! Making me proud!!! MAKING ME SOOOO PROUD!!!
♥Mary Frances :)