Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Thanks Mark! (Part 2)

Weeeeeeeeeeellllllllllll, once I had that $100 in my hand, MOM DID find out about it annnnnnnnnnnnd of course, like any good mom would, she DID NOT APROVE of me excepting the gift!

She said, that's not right Mary! You don't even like him, there is NO way you can take that large of an amount of money from him! I'm like, MOM, I mean we are friends...She's like, NO! That's taking advantage of him! I'm like, I don't see HOW, when I in NO WAY manipulated him into giving me the money annnnnd I've told him I don't like him and he STILL wanted to give it to me! She's like, well, that's HOW I feel about it!!! (Lets NOT talk about the hot-pink-flowered-razor-phone he gave me!!!! Remember HOW cool razor phones were??? Yeah, I wouldn't know, I HAD TO GIVE IT BACK!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!)
Soooo I knew WHAT my mom thought, Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut since I was a legal adult at the time, she let me decide what I was going to do, buuuuuut she let me know how she felt!!!! Soooooooooo being the good girl that I was, I decided to just pray about it!!! :)))
Weeeeelllll as I prayed about it, its like all of the sudden God began to change my feelings for this guy!!! All of the sudden I felt like I was missing him and thinking about seein him again was even making my heart slightly flutter annnnnd then I realized, OH MY WORD...I ACTUALLY LIKE HIM!!!!
I had such a crush on him that I felt like it was ONLY RIGHT to accept this young man's generosity...

And let me tell you all, I went to town shopping, "IN LOVE" the whole entire way!!! I bought a lot of stuff, buuuuuuut the ONLY thing I actually remember was this beautiful navy blue dress I bought with white beaded flowers going down the bottom of the front and one side of the top of the dress!
 All the other girls were like, Ooooooh wait till he sees you in that...annnnnd thus we named the dress, THE ENGAGEMENT DRESS (Ironically, later on when I DID have a boyfriend, he requested me to me to wear that dress in some pre-engagement pictures we were getting done...which btw obviously didn't work out! *That awkward moment where you never get passed the pre-engagement stage...LOL...anyway, after that break up, that dress was officially DONE FOR!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!)Weeeeeeellllll...I managed to stretch that $100 out for the two weeks they were on their missions trip...
Finally, the day after I spent the last dollar, the guys were back! The girls were all sooooo estatic to see me and this guy together now that I ACTUALLY LIKED HIM BACK!!! They were like you have to wear your hair down and curled and you MUST WEAR THE ENGAGEMENT DRESS!!!
Sooooooooooo I did exactly what they said I should do, buuuuuuut, I don't know WHAT HAPPENED, buuuuuuuuuut LIKE, my heart just wasn't into this relationship anymore. Its like, as I had spent that last dollar the day before, suddenly, GOD CHANGED MY FEELINGS FOR HIM AGAIN...the crush was DONE AND OVERRRRR annnnnd I realized something...
(Okaaaaaaaaaaaay people, don't judge me,
I may have been in my 20's buuuuut...
 I was just a KID back then!!!)
Annnnnnnd that was THE END of this story...
TILL ABOUT 4 years later...
 "Thanks Mark!" Part 3 TOMORROW!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. The guy DID like the dress!!!
P.S. I DO NOW UNDERSTAND my mom’s point of view now and why she felt it was taking advantage of someone!! She also taught me NOT to flirt with the baristas, waiters and employees to get discounts or free drinks or guys that your like hanging out with that are your friends that would probably offer to pay for your meal if you flirted with them!! She said that’s cheap and a form of selling yourself! Either pay for it yourself or DONT GET IT!!! And I totally agree with her…AND WILL BE TEACHING MY DAUGHTER THE SAME THINGS… plus $100 … I could blow through $100 soooooooo fast 💨 liiiiiiike BEFORE the guy even got it out of his bank 🏦 account and then I’d be stuck having to flirt with the guy!!!