Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Just call me Aunt_____!!!

So one morning recently, we were out doing our early morning hike and for whatever reason, Odie was being rude to me...can't quite remember WHY at the moment, most likely because I was telling him to do something he didn't want to do...LOL!!! So I'm like, Say sorry for being rude! He says, NO! I'm like, You say sorry to me! Once again, NO! I'm like, NO! SAY IT! Weeeeeeellll we're go back and forth, both being equally stubborn. So when he isn't in school, I take him swimming in the afternoons, I'm like, YOU SAY SORRY  for being rude AUNT MARY, or else we're NOT going swimming later! 
So he looks at me with a HUGE GRIN and says,
Sooooooo there you have it my friends, JUST CALL ME
AHAHAHAAAAAA!!! Such a little stinker!!! Just kinda, IMPROVISED what I told hem to say!!! LOL Annnnnnnnnnd YES, he did win the battle, I was laughing too hard to continue it!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Oh man, I sooooo love this high maintenance little blessing!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)