Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Weeeeeeellll mine ended BEFORE...

So S'Martin is remodeling our front bathroom, it's about to look epically AWESOME, buuuuuuut him and Lucero were breaking for lunch and we were all listening to Odyssey's together! (I told them that's how you know your officially PENTECOSTALIZED, when you start listening to AIO! I mean, you become PENTECOSTAL when you obey THE WORD OF GOD as in, ACTS 2:38, buuuuuuuut your Pentecostalized when you start listening to AIO!!! Officially in the culture now, HEE, hee!!!)
Anywayz, we're listening to the latest, Album 67, part 2 of Nightmare's by Constance, and they're all feeling sorry for this chick cuz her fiancé got arrested the morning of their wedding! And Jason, Connie and Jillian or all talking and Jason says, she was supposed to be waking up to the best day of her life and it's turned out to be the worst! So Connie says, well my wedding got cancelled the day before, Jason says, mine got cancelled the day of!!! Soooooo Martin and Lucero bust up laughing! I'm like HEEEEEEEEYYY, you all think that's bad, MINE GOT CALCELLED BEFORE HE ACTUALLY PROPOSED!!! 
They're like, OKAAAAAAAAYYYY you win Mary!!!
I'm like yeah, I usually do, they should basically just writing me into the script!!! 
Hee, hee!!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)