Wednesday, June 23, 2021

This message MIGHT NOT be for you!!!

My pastor preached a message a month or so ago called "Wonderful, Beautiful, ME!!!" annnnnd basically the message was about not degrading ourselves and thinking we're ugly, ETC...Buuuuuuuut he started off by saying, you know, this message just might NOT be needed by everyone tonight...
He's like FOR EXAMPLE...
If you've taken a selfie in the last 24 hours, 
THIS MESSAGE, probably isn't for you!!! 
OF COURSE everyone looks at me!!! almost as much as when he talked about glitter...hee, hee I was liiiiiiiiiiike,
HEEEEEEEEEYYY I don't think I have taken a selfie since... 
 My phone was broken...buuuuut still...;) I could've rushed to get a new phone, buuuut I hadnt...I didn't get paid til Friday buuuuut STILL...;) ;) My pastor was just like, WOW! We we're having revival!!! AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!

♥Mary Frances :)