Friday, October 13, 2017

Looking For A Friend???

My mom testified at church one time, and she shared something that I had NEVER heard before!!! It was soooo neat I just have to share it with you all!!!
She said that when we lived in New York, before we got in church, one of the things that prompted her to EVEN go to church at all, was that she was looking for a friend. She said that although there were people our family associated with, she didn't feel like she really had her own friend.
She was hoping for someone that she could do stuff with or just talk with on the phone! So when the Kathy, the lady across the street from us, invited my mom to church, one of the things that prompted her to go was she thought..."Maybe if I go, I'll find a FRIEND!!!"
She said that there were a lot of people that she met at church that she enjoyed fellowship with, BUT she said the friend she got, wasn't THE FRIEND she had been looking for. She said that when she got the Holy Ghost, she got a friend that has NEVER left her side. We were only at that church for nine months before we moved to AZ, she left behind her friends at that church, BUT Jesus, came right along with her!!! All her life long till she died she had Jesus, and she said that Jesus is STILL the best friend she has ever had!!!
Are you looking for a friend?
 JESUS wants to be YOUR friend!!! GO TO JESUS!!!
Oh, What a friend we have in Jesus! 
... a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
(Proverbs 18:24)