Tuesday, December 6, 2022

What would you think???

Years ago, I had a guy friend that was explaining a conflicting situation he was in with another young lady. He said, she wanted him to meet her at a coffee shop to just discuss something as friends. He didn't feel like this was a good idea because it may give people the wrong impression of them being in a relationship. Apparently the girl was insistent, etc...Now he was asking for MY ADIVCE!!! AHAHAHAAA!!!
To explain himself he said, MARY, If you saw me sitting in a quaint little café, talking with a beautiful, single, godly young lady, what would you think? 
Without hesitation, I said, To be perfectly honest with you...
 it would be RATHER hard... 
to look at myself...
Yes, that was really, my whole thoughts on the ENTIRE MATTER!!! 
OMW! I seriousley crack myself up!!! 

♥Mary Frances :)