Monday, May 25, 2015

If Jesus was Carmel...

The other day we're at my mom's and MJ comes into the kitchen with a box of Ritz crackers. She's like, Mary look, if Jesus were Carmel they could use these! I'm like, huh??? She's like, IF Jesus were carmel they could use these crackers!!! I'm like, HUH??? Now she's getting flustered with me, she's like, IF JESUS WAS CARMEL they could use these crackers!!! I'm like, use the crackers for WHAT??? Oooooooh you mean for COMMUNION??? She's like, YES!!!
Ahahahahahahaha!!! I was laughing soooo hard now!!!! She's like, YOU KNOW because its supposed to be Jesus' body!!! I'm like, YEAH, I know! Now that you say it, it makes PERFECT SENSE! I'm like, annnnnnnnnd YOU KNOW what??? Jesus ACTUALLY WAS CARMEL!!! She's like, WHAT???? He was REALLY? I'm like, Yeah! Well he was Jewish and according to what Bishop Abbott has always taught us, and of course none of us really know FOR SURE, buuuuut most likely Jesus was a medium shade of brown...which is CARMEL!!! Mary Jo was like, Wow! I didn't know this! No one ever told me! Jesus was carmel, JUST LIKE ME!!!! I'm like, YEAH GIRL!!!
Then she pauses and is like, WAIT!!! So then WHY do they use the white crackers for communion??? I'm like, Uh, IDK!!! She's like, OKAAAAAAAAY, its supposed to be Jesus' body and he's carmel! Those crackers they're using are NOT carmel, they're WHITE!!!
THEN She's like, Oh Mary, do you think maybe Pastor doesn't know about Ritz crackers??? I'm like, Ummmmmm...UH...maybe...She's like with such concern, we should let him know Mary...Maybe you should text him right now...I'm thinkin OR we just let Sis. Abbott know when she reads my blog and she can pass the message on to her hubby!!! AHAHAHA!!! Soooooooooooooo Sis. Abbott FYI: MJ wants you guys to know that...
 the sell RITZ CRACKERS!!!
♥Mary Frances :)