Thursday, March 3, 2022

If your opening a can of hominy...

If your opening a can of hominy OR any can for that matter....ANNNNNNND...your very cute Pioneer Woman can opener FAILS YOU and does NOT fully NOT I repeat, DO. NOT. use your muscles to finish opening the can... because ...
Thats AFTER it stopped bleeding and to be honest it looks better in the pictures than in reality...I couldn't angle my finger to get it all in buuuuuuuut it sliced about half a inch in and half a inch down and then the outside slice is about an inch and a half in a frown type of line...if you wanna see a video of it just text or email me....ahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!

Annnnnnnnnd there was A LOT of blood EVERYWHERE!!!
To be honest I was REALLY FREAKED out when it happened and I was all by myself and I thought am I supposed to like call 911 now??? buuuuuuuuuuut even though I was scared, I also did NOT wanna pay the medical bill...sooooooooo the only thing I remember from my first aide class was to APPLY PRESSURE to the wound....
Then while I did that I sought medical council from my nurse friends.and anyone else that was interested in my plight!!!! I also googled what to do and after about 2.5 hours it DID stop bleeding!!!! 
Then when my nephew got home, I decided to FREAK HIM out since the cut looks like a mouth and was still opening I made it talk to him...Yeah he was kinda paindful to do buuuuuuuuuut soooooo worth his reaction...ahahahahahaaa...Then I went to Walgreens, bought medical tape and peroxide and got to work on myself and it's healing QUITE NICELY!!!
I think i'm going to have a REALLY EPIC looking scar too!!!! I showed it to EVERYONE at church last night too!!! I was liiiiiiiiiike, I think its going to look like my finger is SAD all the time...
Denae was like, BUT THAT'S NOT YOU!!!!
I was liiiiiiiiiiike yeah buuuuuuut then when people are sad I can say, are you SAD??? and show them my finger!!! Then I can say...
and then I was telling everyone at church, I mean while I had an audience, hee, hee, i was liiiiiiike, YEAH, annnnnnnnnnd the cut was sooooooooo DEEP I was just look inside it, I thought I could see a bone maybe and I just kept looking inside me!!! Someone was like, WHY??? 

I like, weeeeeeeeeeellllll....I wanted to see WHAT I LOOK LIKE ON THE INSIDE!!!!
Cuz ya know...THEY SAY it's MORE IMPORTANT to be beautiful on the THE INSIDE than the outside!!!! AHAHAHAAA!!! In case you guys are wondering,  I'm NOT VERY BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE!!!! Things were looking pretty UGLY!!!! 

♥Mary Frances :)
In defense of my insides... it WOULD be REALLY hard to compete with the outside!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Okaaaaaaaaay I knoooooow that was sooooooooo something like a really immature teenage guy would say...buuuuuuuuut I just could NOT resist it!!! #SomePeopleJustNeverrrrrrrGrowUp!!!! ;)